in Basic Christianity

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Your Word is Truth
The Bible as God’s unique message to man

Lesson 2: The Person of God
Evidence of the existence and personality of God

Lesson 3: The Likeness of God
What God is like. His attributes

Lesson 4: Understanding Man
His origin, purpose, responsibility

Lesson 5: The Problem of Sin
Definition, origin, and results

Lesson 6: Considering Eternity
Two destinies of man. Life after death

Lesson 7: Jesus the Messiah: God’s Provision
His coming foretold. His deity and humanity

Lesson 8: The Meaning of the Cross
What Christ accomplished through His death and resurrection

Lesson 9: The New Birth
The necessity, means, and results of being “born again”

Lesson 10: Salvation by Grace
How to get to heaven without being religious

Lesson 11: Believing on Jesus Christ
Meaning of genuine faith. Belief that makes a difference

Lesson 12: Assurance of Salvation
How to be sure of eternal life

Lesson 13: Living the New Life
Principles for Christian living

Appendix A: Terminology of Salvation
Explanation of biblical terms

Appendix B: God’s Answer to Man’s Questions
Answers to questions about salvation and fundamental issues of the Christian faith

Appendix C: The Bridge to Life
How to become a Christian

Appendix D: Memory Verses for Each Lesson